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Minden, Nevada

SIERA Repeater NV7CV Operates on a Frequency of 147.330 MHz, PL: 123.0 Hz, Offset: +600 Hz
SSC #2346

SIERA Club Test & Loaner Equipment
Test Equipment Available to Club Members ONLY

Please contact Jim Marshall - K6LR if you are interested in borrowing any of this equipment

  1. MFJ 259C - Antenna Analyzer

    • Description: The MFJ-259C is a compact battery-powered portable RF-impedance analyzer.

      • Range: 0.53-230 MHz in nine overlapping bands
        • Manual: MFJ 259C Analyzer (← Click on link to view the User Manual in a new browser window)
        • Incudes Pelican style case for protection

      • Equipment Images (click on image for larger image):
        • MFJ 259C Analyzer   MFJ 259C Analyzer Case

  2. NOTE: The following item is to be loaned out only to new TECH "licensees" to get them on the air quickly after receiving their new license.

  3. Kenwood TH-K20A FM VHF Handheld Transceiver

    • Kenwood Description: The TH-K20A is a powerful communications tool in every sense, KENWOOD's new TH-K20A radio offers 5.5 watts of RF output to ensure reliable performance.

      Numerous features ensure superb operating ease, yet it is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm. Both display and keypad are backlit for night-time use, and for added convenience everyday functions are pre-programmed to 11 keys with an additional PF key that can be assigned a custom function. Plus, the construction is rugged enough to stand up to the worst weather. Inside and out, the TH-K20A is fully equipped for clear communications - wherever and whenever needed..

      • Range: TX: 144 - 148 Mhz, RX: 136 - 174 Mhz

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