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FCC Amateur Radio Exams for 2023
Prepared by SIERA (Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Association) March 7, 2023
NOTE: Practice Exam links can be found in the Links portion of the SIERA website
The first link for is highly recommended.
*** Volunteer Examiners Needed ***
Click here for information about becoming a Volunteer Examiner (VE)
When: MAR 18, 2023 9:00 AM
MAY 20, 2023 9:00 AM
JUL 15, 2023 9:00 AM
SEP 16, 2023 9:00 AM
NOV 18, 2023 9:00 AM
Where: Emergency Operations Center (EOC) building
2478 Fairview Dr
Carson City, Nevada 89701-6824
Look for the large log periodic antenna and solar panels...
What you need:
  • Your photo ID.
  • $15 Cash or check, Sorry we can't take cards. I always suggest bringing an extra $15 dollars. It's a big question pool and for most of us there's always a chance getting all the questions we don't know. So for a second fee we will give you another test. We've had many people do this and pass with flying colors.
  • It's now required that you obtain a Federal Registration (FRN) number before your exam session. If you already have another FCC license, such as a GMR, GROL, or Pilot Radio Operator's, your FRN will be on that license. If not you will need to register at Just click REGISTER in the lower middle of the page, and follow the instructions.
  • If your upgrading to the next level of amateur license please bring a copy of you current license to be turned in with the exam paperwork. The Reference Copy from the FCC web site is acceptable. Click this link to the get a copy of your license:
After passing your exam:
Contact: Please contact Greg at so we can prepare for the correct amount of candidates, or with any question you might have. Please let Greg know you heard about the exam on the SIERA web site.
Additional Information: If you would like to stay after you have completed the exam session, we will have a question and answer session. Our experienced VE's will assist you with whatever questions you might have about getting started with ham radio or any other part of ham radio. If you've purchased a new radio and need help programming it, bring it (and the user manual, if possible)! We will gladly assist you in learning how to program it. If someone is ready to take the test, and needs to take the exam while it's fresh in their mind, please contact Greg, he might be able to arrange a special session.

Feel free to contact me with any questions before or after your exam,
    - Greg -

2022 FCC License Exam Schedule
Sponsor Date Location Time

There are presently three groups giving the exams in this area. The groups, in alphabetical order of sponsor, are:
Sponsor: Comstock Amateur Radio Association
VEC: W5YI (FCC commercial license testing also given on request.)
Contact Person: Phil Wells -, KL2P, (775) 841-4925
Where: To Be Determined
Starting Time: To Be Determined
Dates: NO SCHEDULED DATES, special events only or on demand. Contact Phil Wells for details.
Sponsor: SIERA
Contact Person: Greg Moore -
Where: Emergency Operations Center (EOC) building (Click here for map)
2478 Fairview Dr
Carson City, NV 89701

Starting Time: 9:00 AM (Walk-ins allowed)
Dates: 3rd Saturday of odd numbered months
Sponsor: SNARS
Contact Person: Krystal Rhoades -, AJ6GC, (530) 251-6742
Where: Washoe County Regional Public Safety Training Center (Click here for map)
5190 Spectrum Blvd
Reno, Nevada 89512
Starting Time: 10:00 AM
  • Candidates are not to enter the building before 9:45AM.
  • Candidates must register PRIOR to exam date.
  • NO Walk-ins allowed.
Dates: 3rd Saturday of February, April, June, August & October and 2nd Saturday of December

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