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SIERA Repeater NV7CV Operates on a Frequency of 147.330 MHz, PL: 123.0 Hz, Offset: +600 Hz
SSC #2346

Bylaws of the Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Association, Inc

As Amended April 6, 2013

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Table of Contents

ARTICLE I - Membership
Section 1.01 - Membership Dues & Renewal
Section 1.02 - Complimentary Membership Dues
ARTICLE II - Meetings
Section 2.01 - General & Board Meetings
Section 2.02 - Quorums
Section 2.03 - Calling Special Meetings
Section 2.04 - Special Meeting Notices
ARTICLE III - Officers and Directors
Section 3.01 - Officer positions
Section 3.02 - Responsibilities
Section 3.03 - Incomplete Terms
Section 3.04 - Removal from office
Section 3.05 - Board Membership time requirement
ARTICLE IV - Elections
Section 4.01 - Nominating Committee
Section 4.02 - Date of Election
Section 4.03 - Nominating Committee Slate
Section 4.04 - Membership time requirement for voting
ARTICLE V - Committees
Section 5.01 - Appointment of Committee Chairman
ARTICLE VI - Amendments

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